Monday, 13 January 2014

Simple Oil Balancing Facial Scrub Review

Finding suitable skincare items for me is so difficult. My skins like a rollercoaster, somedays it's oily and some days its dry. But as soon as I find a product that helps my skin out, I stick to it and never abandon it. This is how I feel with this product that I am going to review for you today. I received the simple oil balancing facial scrub for Christmas and have used it everyday since. 

I use it every morning once I have used my L'oreal Micellar Solution to remove all of my make-up. All I do is apply a pea sized amount to the areas I wish to use it. As the bottle states "clears 64% of blackheads in 7 days", I use it in the places I get the most amount of blackheads and oilyness. This means I use it on my chin, nose and forehead. I spend about 30-50 seconds rubbing it in circular motions on these areas. 

I love the consistency of this product, it has very fine micro beads which exfoliate and remove any nasty bits from my skin easily. It is a white/ cream colour, but once it has been rubbed into the skin it turns see-through. It is very easy to remove, it suggests to splash water onto your face but I prefer to wipe it off with a face cloth as it gets all of the micro beads off nicely. 

I can always tell when I use this product. It leaves the areas I've used it in so smooth and fresh feeling. I have noticed a difference in the amount of blackheads in my skin and also the way it looks. My skin looks a lot more healthier. When I miss a day of using this I always know - my skin just isn't as smooth! I also love that it's only around £4 and it's available pretty much everywhere! It's a real bargain! I adore this product and is now something which I will use everyday. It states that the product is gentle enough for sensitive skin but I do find it fairly harsh on my skin, but that's the type of thing I like. So I'm not sure if I would recommend this to people with sensitive but I absolutely love this product. It's a 10/10 from me!

Is there any skincare products that you rave about? 


  1. This sounds really nice! I've tried a different facial scrub by Simple before and I was really impressed but you're right, they are really good scrubs so they can be a little harsh sometimes!

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  2. I think I need to try this product. I was out off scrubs after I had a bad experience with one but I'm assuming simple wouldn't be harsh on the skin.
    I love Soap and Glory's 2-in-1 facial peel.
    It was my stand out product of 2013 which I posted about if you're interested

    x x


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