Sunday, 29 September 2013


Ooh, two post in one weekend? Steady on Luce! haha.

Today I thought I'd share with you the outfit which I wore today, I only went up town, nothing special! But I really liked how it looked together, so here goessss! :)

Dress: Topshop, Blazer: Primark
So I paired this cute Topshop skater-style dress with the blazer I got from Primark the other week. The blue detailing on the blazer is what made me pair it up with the dress. The dress was only £12 in the sale at Topshop and the blazer is £13 and I believe Primark still sell them. It is such a versatile piece so grab it while you can!

I didn't add any accessories because I wanted it to look like a simple "everyday look" rather than a evening outfit. I put some black tights on which were from Primark because I thought I would be too cold with my legs uncovered.

For shoes I went with my burgundy/maroon converse from Office to add a different colour to the outfit.

For the make-up with this outfit, I went with a very neutral eye with a slight darker outer corner. For my base I used my Match Perfection foundation and Natural Collection pressed powder.

I'd love to get some inspiration for outfits this Autumn so if you have any OOTDs on your blog, please leave them below! :)

Lots of love, Lucy x 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Skin care routine help!

Whenever the weather changes and become a lot colder, I can never find suitable skin care products. So that's why I'm writing this post, I need a little bit of help really! My skin is normally a little oily in the T-zone but now the weather has changed, it's become quite dry! My Simple moisturiser unfortunately doesn't seem to hydrate my skin now. So I was wondering if you guys could recommend a hydrating moisturiser for me? 

Also I'm having a little trouble with finding a nice scrub to get all the nasty bits off my face, but I don't want one too harsh. aaarrggghhh! 

So basically, I would like to know your skin care routine for autumn/winter time, when the weather is cold? Do let me know! :)

Lots of love, Lucy x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Autumn/Fall Tag!

As it's now Autumn and I've been meaning to do a tag of some sort on here, I thought why not do the Autumn tag?! So let's get to it :-)

Favourite thing about Autumn?
My favourite thing would be the weather, it's not too cold and it's not too hot, it's normally just right so you don't have to layer up loads of clothing and worry about being chilly.

Favourite drink?
My favourite drink would be a hot chocolate, you honestly can't beat a hot drink when the weathers getting cooler. My favourite is the Cadbury hot chocolate

Favourite scent/candle?
I'm honestly not a candle person at all and most of the scents give me a headache so I'm going to have to pass this question! Sorry all you candle lovers out there ;-)

Favourite lipstick?
My favourite lipstick to wear during Autumn would have to be the Rimmel Kate Moss in 001. It's a deep red and looks so good with monochrome clothes.

Go to moisturiser?
My favourite moisturiser of all time, not just in the Autumn is the Simple kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser. It's such an easy and cheap moisturiser and keeps my skin hydrated.

Go to colour for the eyes?
I always go to neutral colours throught all months but I like to make it a bit more smokey during the colder months, I also like plum-purples in the crease for the weekends.

Favourite music/band/singer to listen to?
I don't listen to anything different really, whichever songs and artists are popular at the time! I try to find some calming music if I'm listening to it during school whilst I'm doing school work or homework!

Favourite outfit to wear? (I.e boots and a scarf combo)
I like to wear different things during Autumn, things like thick jumpers and a scarf, a blazer with a pair of converse and jeans, just the normal autumnal clothing, whatever keeps me warm:-)

Autumn treat?
I wouldn't say I buy anything differently, just the essentials for Autumn like a thick warm coat, jumpers, more autumnal coloured nail varnishes, extra DVD's for them cold nights in, things like that!

Favourite place to be?
Without a doubt, I love being on the sofa snuggled under a blanket watching an old movie with a mug of hot chocolate and some popcorn!

So that's me finished with the Autumn tag, if you do this tag please leave a link in the comments so I can check it out and read about your favourite Autumn things!
Lots of love, Lucy x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

School time - What's in my school bag?

Aah yes, it's that time of year again when the leaves start to fall and change colour and days get colder. Also for most of us out there, it's time for yet another school year *sigh*.

I've just gone into year 11 so I suppose in a way I'm fine with going back to school because I know this year I've got to knuckle down and get good GCSE results. However, for most of you out there you'll probably hate the thought of going back to school, the early mornings, the homework, to be honest I don't blame you for feeling like this, I'm sure that I did too! 

I remember my first day of school, when I was a little year 7 with a backpack twice the size of me and everything seemed a little daunting. Things changed however and now I do not have a large backpack, I have a more suitably sized bag and that is the point in this post, I want to share with you the things that I keep in my school bag.

First things first, my bag is from New Look and is dark grey with a glittery style piece on and rose gold coloured zips and details. It was £19.99 and you can get it here. It is big enough for A4 books and all your necessities when at school.

What's in my school bag?
Planner/diary - this is the planner I get from school, it has my timetable in and I can keep record of my homework.
School books - obviously having school books is a must, I only ever keep ones that I need for that day in there.
Umbrella and a carrier bag to put it in - if you live in glorious England then you know having an umbrella at all times is a MUST, I keep a carrier bag too because nobody wants to be carrying round a wet umbrella in their hands?!
Scientific calculator - no-one ever knows when they're going to need a calculator in lesson so it is always handy to have one on you.
30cm ruler - it's always handy to have a longer ruler because it's always a pain when you have to draw a line longer than 15cm.
Shoulder strap for bag - this might just be for me but I like to keep my shoulder strap in my bag just in case my arms get achy throughout the day. 
Pencil case - everyone needs a pencil case with the usual necessities in there e.g. pencil, pen, rubber, sharpener, compass and protractor.
Travel size make up bag - if you don't wear make up then brilliant! But if you do then all I keep in here is powder and some concealer as you never want to break out or be shiny! Also I keep a lip balm in here too. 
Hair brush - this is handy especially after p.e lessons.
Travel size body spray - just in case you have p.e that day!

Side pouches in bags for girls are the best things ever, you can hide literally everything in there and don't have to worry! Things that I keep in the side pouches are: 

Paracetamol/ibuprofen - nobody wants any pain at school so it's ideal to keep some painkillers somewhere.
Nail file - a broken nail at school?! ouchieeess.
Small compact mirror - just in case you have anything on that face of yours!
Some change - being hungry at school is the worst, at least now you can get yourself something to eat.
Bobby pins/hair grips and hair bands - for all them annoying pieces of hair.

Of course, as the year goes by a lot more could get dumped into my bag, but this is what I feel is essential when you're at school.
I've included some links in this post so you can see what product I use e.g. lip balm.

I hope you enjoyed my what's in my school bag post, is there anything you keep in your bag that I don't have? Do let me know! :)
Lots of love, Lucy x

Saturday, 7 September 2013

GOSH velvet touch foundation primer - review

When you see a sample of a product in store, you immediately go and pick a few up. This is what happened a few weeks back in Superdrug, I picked up 5 samples of the GOSH velvet touch foundation primer. 
I needed a new primer and was so pleased when I saw a sample of this, perfect timing 'eh? But when it came to using it, I wasn't so pleased. As you can see from the picture above, I only used 1/5 samples. You get 2ml of product per sample and this managed to cover my face with some still left over. 
I had high expectations because the full size is £12.99! However I was very disappointed with this product and I am glad I didn't have to spend money on it! 

All of the information about the product is correct. It did "fill in fine lines and deep pores", but felt slimy and greasy also, this put me off before I even found out if it was a good primer or not. I applied the primer with my fingers and put it on the whole of my face, I did notice that it would even fill in the ridges in my fingers, weird! 

Anyway, onto the main question. Did it make my foundation stay on any longer? Well, no. No it didn't. Normally I can go a whole day wearing my foundation and it only comes off in some places (cheeks and nose), but when I used this it seemed to have made my foundation slide off my face and not stay put! So I will definitely not be using this primer again. 

I hope you found this review helpful if you were looking into buying this product, sorry it was so negative but it was my opinion. But what I would like to know is what's your favourite primer? I'd love to give it a try! :-) 

lots of love, Lucy x


Monday, 2 September 2013


Hello everyone, welcome to our blog! So as we're new to the blogosphere and were a bit sceptical of whether to do it alone or not, we decided to make a joint blog, however we may end up making our own blogs, it depends how well this blog goes!

Our names are Lucy (blonde) and Jasmine (brunette), we're both 15 and live in England. We don't plan to write about things which fall into the same category, we plan to write about a little bit of everything! You should expect quite a few beauty related posts though, because we're girls and we love a bit of beauty! But we shall do our best to mix things up a little. 
Anyway, enough rambling on! We hope you enjoy this blog :-) 

Love Lucy + Jasmine x

If you're reading this post now, then I want to take this oppurtunity to let you know that Jasmine doesn't seem to blog at all on here, so I'm kind of taking this blog as my own :-) - Lucy x