Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween nails!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, i just love the whole dressing up sort of thing! This year I decided to go a bit more adventurous with everything. 

So today I'm sharing with you what I've done to my nails for Halloween. Normally, I just paint my nails black or red so this is something a bit different. 

I painted all of my nails white to start with using Barry M nail paint in "Matte White". 

On my thumb and pinky nail, I stuck pieces of triangular Sellotape too them, then painted over it in black. After about 10 seconds I pulled off the Sellotape and let the black dry. 

On my ring finger and my pointer finger, I just chose to dot over the nail in black and red using dotting tools

On my middle finger I decided to get more Halloween-y so I made it look like I had blog dripping down my nail in red polish. I then applied Barry M's topcoat to my nails and then it was finished! 

How did you do your nails for Halloween?

Lots of love, Lucy x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

MUA lipstick, shade 13 review!

Whenever I go into Superdrug, I always rush to the MUA section because I absolutely love MUA as a brand and I always want to know what they've got. Most of my visits to the MUA section are disappointing. This is because they've either not re-stocked so there isn't many products available or there just isn't anything that catches my eye. 

The lipsticks were one thing that I have always heard great things about so I wanted to try one out before I went and brought all of the colours. They're only £1 so it wouldn't be a great loss if I didn't like it. So the only colour I liked the look of was "shade 13" which is a very bright red. 

I absolutely love this colour and the lipstick formula. I will definitely be going and buying some more! They're so moisturising for the price, and long lasting! 

I would even say that I prefer this lipstick, the colour and the formula, to my rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 01. Who would have thought it?! So as I am so impressed by these, I will definitely be going and buying some more!!

What's your favourite lipstick and shade?

Lots of Love, Lucy x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer Review

This was the first concealer I've ever purchased. I've never had really dark circles under my eyes so I didn't feel the need to have a concealer because my foundation would cover it. 

But then I ventured out and got one because I wanted to see how good they are. I went to superdrug and tried to find the cheapest concealer as I didn't really need it, it was just so I could give it ago. So I saw this Miss Sporty one for £1.79 but when I got to the till it was £2.99, false labeling much?! I got it in the shade "light" as this suited my skin best. 

Anyway, on to the actual product. Does it do what a concealer should? Yes I suppose it does, it covered under my eyes and any blemishes I had well. The one thing I didn't really like was how it made my eye area look. It seemed to look cakey and it sat in any fine lines under my eyes which is not attractive. 

Bottom line is, it covers any imperfections well but while doing so it looks very cakey and not attractive. So I will not be buying this product again :(

If you have any concealers that you recommend let me know because I know need a new, good one! 

Lots of love, Lucy x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

School playlist!

In my school, we're aloud to have iPods/phones/musical devices in most lessons as long as we get the work done. So on my iPod I have a playlist which I listen to everytime I'm doing a piece of work. I mostly listen to this playlist if I'm doing a piece of coursework where we aren't meant to talk to others - it keeps me so focused even though normally I would just burst out into song. 

So today I'm going to share with you the songs I have in the playlist that help me to focus in work. However don't just take my advice because this may just work for me! Most of the songs are very up beat and loud so I can't hear if anyone else is talking or typing on a keyboard. 

So here goes!:) 

5 seconds of summer - heartbreak girl
5 seconds of summer - out of my limit
Ellie Goulding - burn
Imagine Dragons - radioactive
Katy Perry - roar
Miley Cyrus - we can't stop
Miley Cyrus - wrecking ball
Olly Murs - dear darlin'
Passenger - let her go
The 1975 - chocolate
The 1975 - sex

There we have it, the songs that allow me to concentrate in class because they're very up beat :) if you have any song suggestions, please let me know! 

lots of love, lucy x

Friday, 11 October 2013

NOTD - Bourjois

Is it just me that loves coming home from school on a Friday and thinking "aah, the weekend, I can do things that I can't do at school!" yes, by that I mean paint my nails, I'm a wild one! haha

So if you read my last post, you would have seen that I bought a Bourjois So Laque nail polish in Santal Opulent for £5.99 from Boots. 

The colour is so different to anything that I had got. It looks like you have melted chocolate on your fingers sometimes! But in other lights you see a slight plum and burgundy tone. It is such a beautiful colour and very autumnal. Hopefully I will be adding more autumnal colours to my nail polish collection - exciting! 

Do you have any favourite autumn/fall nail polishes? I'd love to know! 

Lots of love, Lucy x

Saturday, 5 October 2013

mini Boots haul!

Hello everyone! So today I went up town not knowing what I was going to buy but with an idea of what type of products I wanted. So I'm going to share with you what I ended up buying!

The first thing i picked up was this Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye shadow in the shade Plum Romance and it was £4.49.

I also picked up the same eye shadow in the shade Fancy Topaz, again for £4.49.

I also got the eye shadow in the shade Urban Green, again for £4.49

I also picked up the Wake Me Up instant radiance shimmer touch highlight in the shade Shimmering Sand for £4.99

The final product I purchased was a Bourjois Paris so laque nail polish in the shade Santal Opulent which I thought was a lovely autumnal colour which was £5.99

Plum Romance, Urban Green, Fancy Topaz

So that's all I've brought and I have swatched the eyeshadows so you get a better idea of the colour. If you've got anything you recommend me to buy then let me know!:) 

Lots of love, Lucy x