Wednesday, 16 October 2013

School playlist!

In my school, we're aloud to have iPods/phones/musical devices in most lessons as long as we get the work done. So on my iPod I have a playlist which I listen to everytime I'm doing a piece of work. I mostly listen to this playlist if I'm doing a piece of coursework where we aren't meant to talk to others - it keeps me so focused even though normally I would just burst out into song. 

So today I'm going to share with you the songs I have in the playlist that help me to focus in work. However don't just take my advice because this may just work for me! Most of the songs are very up beat and loud so I can't hear if anyone else is talking or typing on a keyboard. 

So here goes!:) 

5 seconds of summer - heartbreak girl
5 seconds of summer - out of my limit
Ellie Goulding - burn
Imagine Dragons - radioactive
Katy Perry - roar
Miley Cyrus - we can't stop
Miley Cyrus - wrecking ball
Olly Murs - dear darlin'
Passenger - let her go
The 1975 - chocolate
The 1975 - sex

There we have it, the songs that allow me to concentrate in class because they're very up beat :) if you have any song suggestions, please let me know! 

lots of love, lucy x


  1. Your so lucky you're allowed to listen to music in class! If we even mention music it's like our teachers are going to explode!:')xox

    1. oh dear! I don't think I could concentrate without music:O xxx


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