Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween nails!

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, i just love the whole dressing up sort of thing! This year I decided to go a bit more adventurous with everything. 

So today I'm sharing with you what I've done to my nails for Halloween. Normally, I just paint my nails black or red so this is something a bit different. 

I painted all of my nails white to start with using Barry M nail paint in "Matte White". 

On my thumb and pinky nail, I stuck pieces of triangular Sellotape too them, then painted over it in black. After about 10 seconds I pulled off the Sellotape and let the black dry. 

On my ring finger and my pointer finger, I just chose to dot over the nail in black and red using dotting tools

On my middle finger I decided to get more Halloween-y so I made it look like I had blog dripping down my nail in red polish. I then applied Barry M's topcoat to my nails and then it was finished! 

How did you do your nails for Halloween?

Lots of love, Lucy x


  1. I love these especially the blood dripping one, so cool!

    1. thank you!:) yeah so do I, I done it last and only on one nail because I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out haha xx

  2. Very cool - I particularly like the blood drop style :o). Xx

    1. thank you! yes that's my favourite too :) xx


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