Sunday, 15 September 2013

School time - What's in my school bag?

Aah yes, it's that time of year again when the leaves start to fall and change colour and days get colder. Also for most of us out there, it's time for yet another school year *sigh*.

I've just gone into year 11 so I suppose in a way I'm fine with going back to school because I know this year I've got to knuckle down and get good GCSE results. However, for most of you out there you'll probably hate the thought of going back to school, the early mornings, the homework, to be honest I don't blame you for feeling like this, I'm sure that I did too! 

I remember my first day of school, when I was a little year 7 with a backpack twice the size of me and everything seemed a little daunting. Things changed however and now I do not have a large backpack, I have a more suitably sized bag and that is the point in this post, I want to share with you the things that I keep in my school bag.

First things first, my bag is from New Look and is dark grey with a glittery style piece on and rose gold coloured zips and details. It was £19.99 and you can get it here. It is big enough for A4 books and all your necessities when at school.

What's in my school bag?
Planner/diary - this is the planner I get from school, it has my timetable in and I can keep record of my homework.
School books - obviously having school books is a must, I only ever keep ones that I need for that day in there.
Umbrella and a carrier bag to put it in - if you live in glorious England then you know having an umbrella at all times is a MUST, I keep a carrier bag too because nobody wants to be carrying round a wet umbrella in their hands?!
Scientific calculator - no-one ever knows when they're going to need a calculator in lesson so it is always handy to have one on you.
30cm ruler - it's always handy to have a longer ruler because it's always a pain when you have to draw a line longer than 15cm.
Shoulder strap for bag - this might just be for me but I like to keep my shoulder strap in my bag just in case my arms get achy throughout the day. 
Pencil case - everyone needs a pencil case with the usual necessities in there e.g. pencil, pen, rubber, sharpener, compass and protractor.
Travel size make up bag - if you don't wear make up then brilliant! But if you do then all I keep in here is powder and some concealer as you never want to break out or be shiny! Also I keep a lip balm in here too. 
Hair brush - this is handy especially after p.e lessons.
Travel size body spray - just in case you have p.e that day!

Side pouches in bags for girls are the best things ever, you can hide literally everything in there and don't have to worry! Things that I keep in the side pouches are: 

Paracetamol/ibuprofen - nobody wants any pain at school so it's ideal to keep some painkillers somewhere.
Nail file - a broken nail at school?! ouchieeess.
Small compact mirror - just in case you have anything on that face of yours!
Some change - being hungry at school is the worst, at least now you can get yourself something to eat.
Bobby pins/hair grips and hair bands - for all them annoying pieces of hair.

Of course, as the year goes by a lot more could get dumped into my bag, but this is what I feel is essential when you're at school.
I've included some links in this post so you can see what product I use e.g. lip balm.

I hope you enjoyed my what's in my school bag post, is there anything you keep in your bag that I don't have? Do let me know! :)
Lots of love, Lucy x


  1. Your school bag is gorgeous! I need a big one like that to fit all my things in! And likewise, i'm always carrying around bobby pins x I love this blog and the way you write, i'd love to follow so take a look at mine and let me know xx
    Much Love

    1. Thank you so much, yeah it fits all my necessities in!:) bobby pins are always handy, thank you - that's so sweet :) I'll now look at your blog!
      lots of love lucy x

  2. good post, i love that bag!! :)

    please check out my new fashion, makeup and hair blog if you ever have time?!


  3. we love your bag!! it is so cute and the perfect size for school!

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