Monday, 4 August 2014

Hello August

As another month draws to a close, another one opens. Hopefully this will be the month that I get stuck back into blogging, I really miss it! As a little catch up I thought I'd talk about all the events that happened in July.

1st of July - Thorpe Park!
2nd + 3rd of July - Sixth form induction days *sigh*
4th of July - PROM! 
9th of July - Boyfriends birthday
19th of July - Best friends house party!
20th of July - Another house party!

The rest of the days were either spent completing summer tasks for sixth form *double sigh*, shopping or just catching up with friends!

July was a busy month for me, I honestly never do much more than this - wow I'm a wild one ;) I really enjoyed it! I hope August is just as good. I can also post more in August as I have no commitments other than doing more summer tasks, eating and sleeping. Let me know what sort of posts you'd like to see from me! 
Hope you all had an amazing July and have an even better August! Lots of love, Lucy x x


  1. How was your prom? Sounds like an awesome month!
    Mia x


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