Tuesday, 26 August 2014

GCSE Results!

I was unsure as to whether to post this as it's been a few days since I have received my results but I thought I would so I could share my achievements with you all! 

It was an anxious wait for the doors of my school to open on Thursday 21st, but as soon as I ripped open the envelope there was a huge sigh of relief.  I had already sat exams in year 9 and 10, but in total I achieved 2 As, 2 distinctions (equivalent to A grades) and 7 Bs. I'm so pleased with my results and am also very proud of my friends for getting what they wanted. 

I'm actually really excited to start sixth form this year which I will probably regret saying a few days into it. I hope everyone achieved what they wanted and if you didn't then there is always other options to take. 

Lucy x


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