Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Guest Post | Hair Removal Ready For Summer

How to Get Smooth Legs for Summer Through Hair Removal
As summer approaches, the excitement of wearing that gorgeous dress or shorts increases. However, this also comes with some challenges and especially if you have some unwanted hair on your legs, underarms not to mention that your favourite bikini might also not be very enjoyable owing to unpleasant bikini hairline. However, it is easy to get smooth legs for summer by getting some great hair removal treatments which have greater results keeping you from frequent shaving and unhygienic procedures.
If you want to step out in that lovely dress or shorts, there are a number of hair removal methods you might need to consider and have a qualified therapist or other highly skilled technicians. These procedures come with a number of benefits which are worth considering and especially if you are tired of shaving and painful waxing procedures. Below are some of the most viable hair removal procedures to consider:
Laser hair removal
Laser is one of the best hair removal methods to consider if you are looking for smooth legs this summer. It is safe and non-invasive not to mention that you can have your hair thinned or removed without experiencing much pain. The procedure should however be conducted by a qualified therapist using the right kind of equipments if the desired results are to be achieved. Laser hair removal has a high rate of success and especially for people with dark hair pigment. People with red and blonde hair can also enjoy smooth legs in summer using this procedure. Laser has minimal down time or side effects and cannot be compared with other methods that require the use of unpredictable, toxic creams or painful hair plucking.
Professional waxing
Many people feel a chill down their spine when they hear of waxing. Yes, there is no doubt that waxing is one of the hair removal methods that has a lot of pain associated with it but it can be handled professionally to help deliver quality results with minimized pain. An experienced waxing therapist can help you experience those smooth legs and slip into your favourite shorts or dress this summer. Waxing can be done on the legs and any other part of the body including the bikini line. Leg waxing involves the use of hard/hot wax and warm wax and the results can last for between 3 and 8 weeks.
Electrolysis hair removal
As aforementioned, laser hair removal is suitable and very successful among dark haired individuals. And although blonde and red hair persons can still have this procedure, the rate of success is not comparable with that of dark haired people. However, people with this colour of hair as well as those with white or gray hair will need not to worry as electrolysis can help achieve smooth legs for summer. Electrolysis can be conducted on all skin types with a high rate of success and especially for light haired individuals. An experienced therapist can also combine both laser and electrolysis to remove hair in the legs and give you a smooth skin.
As you prepare for the summer season, you can plan for any one of these procedures by booking with your favourite salon or clinic. You can try at CoLaz Laser Hair Removal and Beauty Salon which is based in four location London Paddington, southall, Hounslow, and Slough. Additionally, your therapist could recommend safe and hygienic hair removal creams which could work well with your skin. However, do not go for these creams if you are not sure how they will impact on your skin.

Guest Post By: Jarin


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