Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bloggers do spring better - nails

Today's post is going to be about the first topic for the #Bloggersdoitbetter challenge! I was contacted by Gem and she told us that the first post will be all about Spring and it could be anything you like it to be. 

I'm going to be writing about my favourite Spring nail polish which I recently purchased from Poundland, (yes poundland!!) I was so shocked to see the amount of different make up items that are available in stores like Poundland. Most of them are all the terrifying colours which people wouldn't go near, but after a little rummaging I found this gorgeous nail polish by Sally Hansen. 

The first thing that stood out to me was obviously the colour, it was the perfect red-y, orange-y, coral colour - perfect for Spring! The shade is "sonic boom" which is super cute. The fact that it is part of the "insta-dry" range blew me away, I'm always the impatient one that messes up hours of nail art with smudging. I love the formula, the pigmentation is amazing, only one coat is needed for it to be fully opaque! In the pictures, I have added two coats but it really isn't needed. It chips fairly easily but I haven't tried it with a top coat yet so maybe that will stop it! 

What's your favourite Spring nail polish colour?


  1. That's a great color! During spring I like to wear pastel or bright colors, similar to that pink above, light blue and purple :)


  2. I have never seen these in poundland but what a bargain! I will have to have a look at my local ones! This is such a gorgeous shade!

    Gemma xxx

  3. Thats such a gorgeous colour. Love it.


  4. oh my! If I can find something like this in my local Poundland I'll be so happy :)

    Beverley xx

  5. I have the exact same bottle of nail polish! I love it so much and it was the first colour I used this year when spring came! :)

    Jenny xx

  6. This looks so good for just £1!

  7. I love poundland! lol.



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