Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nail tools | 2014 Blogger Challenge

Today's post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge is all about nails. This post could have been about anything really, from nail care to nail art tutorials. I decided to share with you my favourite nail tools for creating more than just a plain block of colour on each nail.
I never realised, until YouTube and blog etc, that tools actually existed that could make your nails look super cute and snazzy. I always watch nail art tutorials for new ideas and designs, creating them on your own nails however is a different story. They make it look easy, but then I suppose these tools make it a little easier.

I had make up sponges for ages but didn't really like them for applying make up, but then I found a whole different use for them. Nail art. You apply two or more different colour nail polishes to one side of the sponge, dab them onto your nail and voila! A lovely ombre effect nail.

Other tools that I use are these dotting tools which are from Amazon. They are so super cheap but do the job perfectly. You simple dip the dotting tool into the nail polish then create whatever design you want on your nail. Link here

Sellotape. As strange as it sounds, sellotape is the easiest thing to create cool designs on your nails. You simply cut pieces of sellotape up, stick them on your already applied base coated nail, then apply another colour on top, peel the pieces of sellotape off whilst the polish is still wet then you have a cool design.

What are your favourite nail tools?


  1. I never knew about the sponge or sellotape thing! Ohh I really want to try that, I've always wanted ombre nails :)x

  2. great post! I need to get a set of dotters like that mine is super small :)
    Sophie Jenner

  3. Those are basically the tools I use. I'm wanting to get the Konad stamping device but I need to work on my patience first.


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