Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Moving Bedrooms

As my brother finally flew the nest and got his own little place with his girlfriend, it was finally my turn to have the "big" bedroom. My old bedroom was so squished and small, I didn't even have a proper bed, instead I had to have one built in - yes, it was that small! The possibilities were endless for the decor of my new bedroom. It took me ages to decide what the colour scheme was, where I wanted all of my furniture and just how I wanted it to be. But finally, I got it all sorted out and have now moved into my new room. I'm now going to share with you how I've decorated my room and where some of the pieces are from.

When you first walk in, on the right I have a 4 + 2 draw chest. This stores some clothes and make up. On top, I have a tea light holder, then a Tinkerbell Glitter Globe, a Calendar Block, a Rubiks Cube (don't ask why haha), and a No7 make up mirror.

Beside this chest, on the floor, I have a duck egg blue peddle bin and the buzz light-year which I mentioned in my 16th Birthday post. Also I have a sneaky tub of Celebrations which I am forever resisting to eat.

On the left, once you walk in, I have my wardrobe which has 3 drawers at the bottom. My Dad added the mirror to my wardrobe to save some floor space. Next to my wardrobe, I have a desk which has 3 drawers. 

This is the top of my desk. On the top of my desk, I keep my Osco 3 drawers where I keep everyday make up, a candle, brush holder, pen pot, notepads for homework and perfumes. Everything that I need on an everyday basis is kept on my desk.

Spin round from my desk and you reach my bed. It's only a single bed and it's from Argos. I have a bed side table next to my bed. On my bed, I keep 2 cushions - love heart one from Primark, Keep Calm and Carry On one from Pastimes. I also keep my Sully and Nemo teddies on my bed which are super cute! I have lights wrapped around the headboard of my bed which are from Sainsburys. My wallpaper is from homebase and it took so long to choose the perfect wallpaper! 

What's the colour theme for your bedroom?


  1. Your new bedroom looks lovely- I have the exact same bedding! As for the celebrations.. how can you resist eating them? I wouldn't be able to resist the temptation haha!

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  2. Aww that is really pretty��

  3. Your room is so nice! My sister is going to Uni soon and of course I'm going to miss her, but I cant wait to get the big room, I keep planning in my head what the theme will be even though I have ages to choose!x


  4. Yay that you get more space! I absolutely love your bedding and wrought iron headboard! I have no color scheme in my bedroom as I'm planning to move out. :x

    Thanks for sharing!

    ☮ ♡ :) melli -- www.mellivi.com

  5. Yay for getting the big bedroom! It's fun to change rooms because you can change up the decor a bit :)


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