Sunday, 29 December 2013

Other Christmas Gifts!

Afternoon my lovely readers. Today I'm going to be sharing with you some other gifts I got for Christmas. If you haven't seen the beauty things I received then you can click here. I'm so so appreciative to my mum, dad and the rest of my family who got me presents. I was truly spoil this year! My main present this year was an iPhone 4S and I was absolutely ecstatic when I opened it up! I also got other things which I am going to share with you now. 

Throw and Hot Water Bottle - Primark, Wellie Socks, Multi Coloured Beanie - TU clothing at Sainsburys

Tartan Snood - F&F at Tesco, Big Ben Tweety T-shirt + Pajamas - Primark, Bed Socks - Unknown
All of the above from Dunelm
Colony Costal Breeze Candle - Dobbies

Strawberries and Cream shower gel, Nemo - Disney Store, Tangle Teezer - Boots, Shower Comb - Wilkinsons

Love Sign and 2014 Diary - Wilkinsons

And of course, no Christmas is complete without mountains of sweets and chocolately goodness! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, what did you receive?


  1. Love the Love sign and the 2014 diary!

  2. Gorgeous gifts! Love the 2014 diary, so pretty :) new follower via bloglovin! :) lovely blog xxx


    1. thank you so much, I will follow your blog now if I don't already :) xx

  3. I'm glad you had great x-mas! Lovely stuff! Why not do a What's in my iPhone video or post?
    Zoha xx


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