Sunday, 24 November 2013

Gift idea for her!

Eeeeep! The weathers gotten so much colder recently, the fluffy socks have came out and the onesies been put on. There's only one thing good about this.. Christmas is fast approaching! 

As I'm only 15 and earning money is something that I can't particularly do, buying presents is always a difficult task because you always want them to be nice and not show how cheap they were. So that's what this post is about, an affordable gift you can give out at Christmas or even for a birthday!

This year, I had 3 friends to buy for and this was perfect which is why I chose this idea. 

I was in Sainsbury's and I noticed that they'd half priced some mugs to 75p, bargain?! But you don't have to get them from Sainsbury's, so many places do cheap cute mugs but this is just where I got mine from. The next thing I got was a little sachet of hot chocolate, this is nearly always on 3 for 2, or 4 for so many pounds, so I picked up 4 and had one for myself. I got cadburys because most people like it - I got 2 normal ones and 2 caramel ones! These were 4 for £1. I didn't think that this was enough so I thought of buying them a pair of socks each. I got mine from new look as they are 3 pairs for £4, but you can get them from anywhere cheap, maybe primark do some cheaper! Instead of socks you could have a pair of gloves, like the animal mitten type ones from Primark, I think they're only £2-£3! 

So in total, for 3 gifts I paid £7.25. That's just under £2.50 per gift! 

Another thing you can buy someone that's cheap is the Simple mini trio which was £3 from Superdrug. 

Do you have any cheap gift ideas for her? 


  1. Love this idea! I personally love buying presents for my friends that are much like yours. I normally take a mug and just shove a bunch of festive products such as hot chocolate and minty candies into them, haha :)

    Jenny xx

  2. this is such a lovely idea!! last year I bought jars from Wilkinsons, filled them with socks, nail polish, lipstick, cath kidston mirrors and hid them within faux snow!! I then finished them off with a bow and jingle bells. so simple yet effective :) xx

    1. aw that's such a cute idea! I love simple gifts:) x

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  4. I just LOVE those mugs!
    They are so cute!


  5. if i was your friend id be extremely happy just with the cadburry chocolate hehe ^^ i was also thinking of doing the same idea but perhaps use jars instead :)

  6. Great gift ideas on a budget! Love those mugs! :) x
    The Jolly Fashionista


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